Ton Kooiman maestro ergonomisk tommelstøtte

The Maestro2 professional thumb rest can be adjusted in all possible directions to meet the highest
individual demands.
Fits on every Clarinet and gives extra support and comfort while playing.
Made of durable materiale and are easy to fit.

A direct and positive effect on the freedom of movement of the entire hand
(and especially of the ring finger and little finger) is found because of the improved
position of the thumb in relation to the instrument.
This is achieved by means of a hollow casing that can be adjusted from right to left.
In this way the hand is allowed to “open”.
This is the most sofisticated thumb rest that can be adjusted to the individual anatomy of the musician!


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With every Maestro thumb rest, two mounting slides are supplied. This makes it
possible to use one thumb rest on more than one instrument.
The thumb rest can then be put on the instrument in a few seconds.
Once properly installed and adjusted, the thumb rest does not require any further adjustment.
And can be used for many many years.
When you pull the muscle at the inside of the thumb, the thumb will bend a little.
This is quite essential and will ensure that you make good contact with the padded
thumb rest on top of your thumb.
Instead of “hanging in the tendons”, the musician will now  carry the
instrument in an “active” way!
When you install the thumb rest, follow the golden rule that the tip of the thumb should be                                                                                      opposite or little under the tip of the index finger.


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