Reed geek ClariKlang

This beautifully crafted resonance bow is the latest reed and bore stabilizer designed to fit all clarinets with traditional inverted ligatures and two-piece screw fixture tuning neck, by attaching to current ligature screw and positioned accordingly

Brushed Aerospace Matte: The most bell-like ring

  • Increases the efficiency of a well-balanced reed by stabilizing the energy transfer through the mouthpiece and barrel of the clarinet.
  • Increases the focus and the depth of tone.
  • ClariKlang may also be used on bass clarinets with Selmer style two-piece screw fixture tuning necks.
  • Standard Stem: All inverted two screw metal ligatures, like Vandoran, Bonade, Ishimori, Liuben, etc.
  • Long Stem: Rovner ligatures (Star series, Versa) and other single screw inverted ligatures.




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Reed Geek

Longstem, Standard stem


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