Celestine Piccolo Rexonator Raw Brass – CPR-02-PRB

The NEW Celestine Piccolo Rexonator – Raw Brass or CPR-02-RB As with the Celestine Flute Rexonator this new system is a permanent replacement for cork stopper, eliminating all the limitations of a cork stopper.
The new standard-sized design has an improved brass alloy that will significantly highlight all Piccolo attributes.
It is easy to install and adapts to the size of your Piccolo with a simple rotation.
It also includes 4 tonal sound options to choose from the brightest to the darkest.
• Greater projection
• More resonance and vibration
• The rapid response and the articulation will be immediate IN ALL REGISTERS
• Also the articulation is more crisp and you’ll feel free to express yourself.
• Playing long phrase using less air and that will be wonderful
• You will have a bigger, clear and stable sound
• It will be almost impossible the break of some notes
• Harmonic resonance will be more complete and will give you more life in music! You’ll get more projection, tube vibration and a wider range of dynamics
• By incorporating the O-ring according to your preference, you will have a unique tonal sound with a perfect combination of harmonics

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Celestine Picccolo-02

Feel the beauty of its sound, the emotion of its rhythmic sense and the satisfaction of playing a phrase sung with the use of Celestine. Transform your flute to make it sound like a new expensive flute, without spending thousands on headjoint or expensive gold flute of famous brands. By eliminating the cork; you eliminate the drag of your flute. It is highly recommended for all types of flute, including gold flutes.
Continue to use the cork in the 21st century is like having a gorgeous mansion with old-fashioned and outdated furniture.
It’s time to uncork your flute and go beyond with a new technology system!


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