The Original Breath Builder-Lufttræner

Isometric Exerciser

  • Provides a deep, organic and constant breathing
  • Increases breathing capacity
  • Eliminates the breaks between phrases
  • Improves the sound
  • For inhaling and exhaling exercises

Used properly and regularly, the Breath Builder will increase the amount of air you inhale and can use in a wind instrument. It will enable you to increase the volume and pressure of air you use while playing. This should result in increased volume and greater control. At all times, attempt to take in and expel the largest amount of air you possibly can. This will often entail using your abdominal and some other muscles more complete than you ever have before.
Comes in assorted colours

Recommended by USC professor Yehuda Gilad

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The original Breath builder-02The original Breath builder-03

Take a break of thirty seconds to one minute (or longer if needed.). Close the large hole and repeat process described in number 1 above. Take another break of similar length or as needed. With all holes open, raise the ball to its suspended stand and close the large and one small hole while keeping the ball suspended as in 1 and 2 above. Continue the inhalation/exhalation process for one to two minutes with the hole closed. Because of the greater pressure required both inhaling and exhaling with the large and one small hole closed, this configuration is the most valuable to increased breath control. Stop using the Breath Builder and rest any time that you feel dizzy or become disoriented. This is the result of taking in more oxygen than your body is used to handling. This condition will abate you as you use the Breath Builder regularly. If you take a break of two or more hours, use the Breath Builder again (as above) at the beginning of your practice session.


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