VD B40 Klarinet Alt Mundstykke

The B40 Alto Clarinet mouthpiece is very similar to the B44 alto model. Sharing the same technical characteristics in terms of facing length and tip opening, the B40 however, has a wider tip rail (the flat section at the end of the mouthpiece, which is level with the tip of the reed), creating a more focused tone.
An ebonite mouthpiece, the B40 Alto mouthpiece produces a centered tone. It features a medium tip opening (138mm) and a medium-long facing length. A great choice for any player wanting a solid mouthpiece which doesn’t require too much effort to play and will help in getting a focused tone across the range.
Vandoren have been creating an extensive range of models to suit many different styles of playing for different artists. Slight differences between the variations mean that there is more choice on offer to find a mouthpiece that has the projection, articulation and comfort you are after. Vandoren prioritise musician’s individual likes and needs when playing their chosen mouthpiece, so that they can sustain and develop a wide range.

  • Tip Opening – 138
  • Facing Length – Medium-Long
  • Recommended Vandoren reed strengths:
  • – Traditional – 2 – 3


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