VD B40 Bas Klarinet Mundstykke

The Vandoren B40 Bass Clarinet mouthpiece, has the same technical specifications as the B45, although this model incorporates a wider tip rail, which offers a more centered and compact sound.
A very responsive mouthpiece that makes playing across the range more consistent. In order for this mouthpiece to work at its most efficient, you should choose reeds that compliments its tip opening and facing length, in this case it is suggested a 2-3 would be a great choice (see Vandoren’s reed recommendations below!).
In the same way that their Bb models compare, the bass follow suit. Being the two longest standing models in the range, they have gained great popularity with beginner, intermediate and professional players.
Vandoren have created this model alongside 5 other models for bass clarinet. Their design alterations can make a massive difference for the playability of a mouthpiece. The dedication they show, prioritising creating mouthpieces to suit player’s desires for choice. Mean that you have variety and find a mouthpiece that will suit your playing needs.

  • CM343
  • Tip Opening – 193
  • Facing Length – Medium-Long


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