VD A5 Alt sax Small Mundstykke

Vandoren V16 Ebonite mouthpieces are inspired by the sound of the greatest jazz musicians from the fifties to the present. JAVA , V16  and ZZ  reeds are recommended for these mouthpieces.
The alto mouthpiece is available in five tip openings and two chambers:

  • The  S chamber is the next step in the evolution of the V16 alto mouthpiece. It offers a richer depth of sound while keeping the free-blowing nature and projection that characterise the V16 alto models. The S+ chamber accommodates more air, providing the musician greater flexibility and a wider array of colours with which to work.

The A6 is the most played mouthpiece, in every style. It has a 196 (1/100 mm) tip opening and a medium-long facing length.



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