Thumbport TP II-B gul

The Thumbport II has a lower default angle for the thumb than the standard thumbport. It’s a little thicker and more rigid, has less contact with the flute and its extension arm is a little shorter (when attached to the flute, it may go into the case easier for some). The end of the extension has a more rounded shape.

The Thumbport allows greater balance in holding the flute. It is comprised of a C-shaped shell and a thumb-like extension. The Thumbport helps the player to place the right hand at an efficient spot and provides additional support.
The Thumbport guides the player’s right thumb to support the flute at an angle. The force created at this angle is the sum of two partial vectors: one supports the flute from below, and the other counters horizontal rotation. The extension arm rests on the thumb gently, which easily prevents the flute from rolling backwards.

We carry this thumbports in Black and Yellow (Copper)
Many people have been asking for colors that would conceal the Thumbport better on stage. The black-grey works well with silver flutes – and the copper-white with gold flutes

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Before installing the Thumbport for the first time, wipe off the area with rubbing alcohol. This will reduce the likelihood of the Thumbport moving when in use. Because the contact surface is made of a soft plastic, it does not slide easily once in place on a clean surface. Snap the Thumbport onto the flute at around the F key where you would normally rest your thumb.


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