JLV Eb Klarinet ligatur – Forsølvet

The JLV Ligature’s unique design improves reeds vibrations over its whole length.

– Richer harmonics
– Accurate and very centered sound
– Smoother staccatos in all registers
– Enriched tonal palette

Adjustable sound amplitude. Different sounds depending on the position of the base along the reed.
Suitable for right and left-handed use

-Base can be inverted to a player’s preference.

Side screws with set pads creating acoustic transmissions with the mouthpiece
Every pad is set for a better grip while creating acoustic transmissions between the reed, the ligature and the mouthpiece.
The side screws only need to be adjusted once to perfectly fit your mouthpiece.

Choose between:
-Polished or brushed: A brighter sound. Regular wiping is necessary with a microfiber cloth
-Silver plated: A darker sound that may require maintenance from time to time
-24k Gold plated: A warmer sound that requires little maintenance.

100% Made in France
All JLV Ligatures for clarinet and saxophone carry a lifetime warranty!

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It took Jean-Luc VIGNAUD, inventor and professional saxophonist, nearly 10 years of research, engineering and sophistication to design the JLV Ligature.
The JLV Ligature is manufactured in France from high-grade materials.
It is composed of two main parts, a base and a belt, both cut out of a single brass plate, before being assembled without soldering and placed in a box.



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