Corrado Signature Mundstykke BACKUN

A traditional bore design with a more open/long facing, the Corrado Signature is a gorgeous take on a flexible centred tone and is crafted on marbled green hard rod rubber.
With playable ease and smoothness across registers, this model yields an altissimo that produces wonderfully strong overtones and rich character.

The Corrado model has a larger tip at 1.20mm.
This is paired with a medium straight wall chamber for a powerful and projecting sound.

The new Backun Signature Series clarinet mouthpieces are designed with a set of 3 O-Rings for the mouthpiece fit instead of a traditional cork.
Each mouthpiece includes a set of 3 rings in 3 different sizes (small, medium, large) as well as a tool to help easily remove and change these o-rings.

Includes: Corrado Signature Series Mouthpiece, three sets of O-Rings (S/M/L), one Fix-It Tool and one mouthpiece patch.

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