Buffet Tradition Klarinet

This is the very latest model Elite clarinet from Buffet Crampon, called Tradition.   A & Bb Professional

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The new Tradition has been inspired by a pre-1950s design while taking into account the needs of modern musical repertoire and performance practice, this brand new cylindrical bore compliments the R13 and RC bore families, adding a new acoustic dimension to the Buffet offerings.

Featuring a cylindrical bore design, the new clarinet harkens back to the purity of sound produced by the BC20, with a tone hole placement inspired by the Tosca design. The result is an instrument that presents a clear, focused, rich sound suitable for any acoustic environment and an even scale for consistent intonation throughout all registers.

Interestingly the new clarinet also places its roots firmly in research and development from Buffet Crampon’s American and French Artists, this may not seem a huge thing but bear in mind most new Buffet models since 1960 have been developed nearly exclusively with French players only, often who work in the Paris music scene. This more global consulting process is surely a step in the right direction.

• Stained African blackwood
• Cylindrical bore
• Delivered with 2 barrels:
– 65 and 66 mm for Bb
– 64 and 65 for AKeywork:
• 19 keys, 6 rings
• Adjustable thumb rest
• Silver plated
• Blue steel springsPads:
• GT Waterproff leather and natural cork
Posts :
• Single, dark naugahyde, new generation pochette style
• BC1116L-2 :Bb key, single case
• BC1216L-2 :A key, double case

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