Yamaha Alt blokfløjte YRA-314B III

The Yamaha YRA314B alto recorder offers a rich body of sound that resembles a famous Rottenburgh recorder.
For those serious about music. Made from maintenance-free ABS resin and finished in a beautiful ebony coating,
Yamaha recorders are known for there ability to produce a clear and distinct tone, and the YRA314B is no exception. Similar to more professional models, the YRA314B features a baroque fingering system. This design was perfected hundreds of years ago and holds very accurate tuning.

To further aid your progression, the YRA314B features an arched windway. Ideal if you want to take control of your recorder, the arched windway offers more resistance which enables you to play in a more virtuosic style. Included with the YRA314B is a cotton carry bag, fingering chart, cleaning rod, and recorder cream so you can get started straight away.

  • Simulated ebony finish
  • Based on famous Rottenburgh recorders
  • Arched windway enables you to control your tone
  • Baroque fingering holds good intonation
  • Includes cotton bag, fingering chart, and recorder cream


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