VD M30 Klarinet Bb Mundstykke

The Vandoren M30 Bb Clarinet mouthpiece has been designed to give great flexibility and a good balance between timbre and roundness of sound. It is a reliable, free blowing mouthpiece and ease of playing across the entire range.
Having a long facing and a medium tip opening, the M30 is best suited to stronger reed choices to allow the greatest air flow possible. The specifications of this mouthpiece make for a free blowing piece that is easy to control. The way in which your reeds react with the mouthpiece is an important relationship, in this case the stronger reed choices, mean that a warmer tonal colour can be produced resulting in a rich velvety sound, but still with the flexibility of articulation and dynamic variation.
With such an extensive range of models to suit many different playing styles, Vandoren have created a vast array of mouthpieces to suit your individual needs and expectations. The best thing to do is try them!

  • CM318
  • Tip Opening – 115
  • Facing Length – Long


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