VD CL4 Masters Klarinet Bb Mundstykke

The Vandoren CM60048 Masters CL4 Clarinet Mouthpiece is a versatile and flexible mouthpiece that can be used by all kinds of performers from beginners to professionals. The CL4 is characterized by a very radiant, clear sound and exceptional intonation. It allows precise, easy blowing and flowless articulation.

The CL4 offers a huge amount of flexibility with a small tip opening of 1.10cm wide. As well as this, the long facing helps to produce a deeper tone and a vast range. The overall sound from the mouthpiece is vibrant and exciting whilst keeping a well-rounded tone.
The Masters range of clarinet mouthpieces are extremely versatile and adapt to any scenario of performance. They are extremely free-blowing mouthpieces that break the mould from the standard restrictive and traditional mouthpieces. As well as being free-blowing, they are also expressive and offer an exciting and musical tone. The mouthpieces are suitable for all spectrums of performers: from the student all the way through to the professional.


  • Tip Opening: 1.10mm
  • Facing Length: Long
  • Recommended Reed Strength: 3.0 → 4.0


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