VD B45 Lyre Klarinet Bb Mundstykke

45 Lyre Bb clarinet mouthpiece by Vandoren, is a take on one of the longest standing clarinet mouthpieces on the market. This model, the B45 Lyre has a more open tip than the standard B45 and includes a tip rail length halfway between the B45 and the B40 (another of Vandoren’s most popular mouthpieces). This helps to produce a compact and centred tone. Often thought to feel more resistant than the B45, this model has one of the widest tip openings available in Vandoren’s range.
This flexible mouthpiece can be played within any setting and used for any genre of music; this would be another great option for doublers. Because of its dimensions (medium long facing and open tip), it is recommended that you choose softer reeds so as to maintain the purity of sound available and allow the air to be able to flow through easily.
The B45 Lyre, is a great intermediate-professional mouthpiece that is able to project whilst keeping its warm, rich tonal colours. This mouthpiece has the ability to work with you and your clarinet to get a full dynamic sound, accurate articulations and response across the range.
Vandoren strive to make a mouthpiece that is suitable for every musician, so with such a large selection of mouthpieces to choose from, there should be a mouthpiece that really suits your playing style, needs and wants.

  • CM312
  • Tip Opening – 127
  • Facing Length – Medium-Long


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