VD B45 Klarinet Bb Mundstykke

The Vandoren B45 Bb clarinet mouthpiece is a universal mouthpiece that is one of the most popular in the entire Vandoren range; played and appreciated by most clarinettists. With an intermediate tip opening and a medium-long facing, this mouthpiece is a great choice for beginner, intermediate and professional players alike.
Often one of the firm favourites for first upgrades for students. This mouthpiece gives the clarinettist the tools to produce a wide spectrum of timbres and colours, with excellent projection and response.
Created in 1968 by Bernard Van Doren, this mouthpiece came as a revelation for many clarinettists. Rapidly adopted by leading clarinet players of the time, it has become a standard for musicians looking for a wider tip opening than some of the other mouthpieces on the market. This is a mouthpiece capable of evenness across the range with a smooth, pure tone and easy articulation.
Vandoren have the largest selection of mouthpieces that you can choose from, meaning that you should have no trouble finding a mouthpiece that really suits your playing style, needs and wants.

  • Tip Opening – 119.5
  • Facing Length – Medium Long


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