VD B44 Klarinet Eb Mundstykke

Vandoren’s B44 Eb Clarinet mouthpiece is an easy blowing mouthpiece. Very popular with players, the B44 features a thin tip rail (the flat section at the end of the mouthpiece, which is level with the tip of the reed) allowing air to flow freely through the mouthpiece.
Made in ebonite, the B44 Eb mouthpiece, produces a focused, centered tone. With a medium tip opening and medium length facing. This mouthpiece is a long standing model in the Vandoren range and would be a great choice if you are looking for a responsive mouthpiece that doesn’t require a lot of effort to achieve an even tone.
With such an extensive range of mouthpieces spanning the clarinet family, there are so many different styles to try to find the best fit for you. Slight differences between the variations mean that you can get a mouthpiece that has the projection, articulation and comfort you are after.

  • CM332
  • Tip Opening – 110.5
  • Facing Length – Medium


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