VD 7JB Klarinet Bb Mundstykke

The Vandoren 7JB Mouthpiece has the widest tip opening in the entire range from Vandoren. Perfect for solo or ensemble playing. This mouthpiece works especially well for Jazz and Klezmer, as well as other genres and is good for doublers playing the saxophone due to the wide tip opening. It is free blowing across the entire range of the clarinet.  The combination of wide tip opening and long facing works best with soft reed choices allowing the air to flow with the least resistance.
This is a great mouthpiece for those who are looking for wide dynamic variety, due to the open feel of this piece it is possible to explore the louder dynamics. Often favoured by doubling saxophonists, you are able to use a similar amount of air used when playing the saxophone, focusing more on making music than struggling with swapping between the two instruments.
From a company with the largest selection and variations of mouthpieces on the market, you should have no trouble finding a mouthpiece that will suit you.
  • CM3007
  • Tip Opening – 170
  • Facing Length – Long
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