VD 5JB Klarinet Bb Mundstykke

The Vandoren 5JB clarinet mouthpiece is a popular choice for jazz clarinettists. With a wide tip opening and a long facing, this mouthpiece is a great buy for those who want a mouthpiece capable of producing a big sound. It has the room to play with dynamic variation whilst remaining in control. Having one of the widest tip openings in their range range, this mouthpiece works best with softer reed choices, so as to allow the greatest air flow and least resistance; leaving you the freedom to experiment with your sound.
If you are used to an open mouthpiece and want more volume, this is a great choice. Also if you are a doubler (on saxophone especially) then this will allow you to use a more similar amount of air that and get that ‘clarinet’ sound!
Vandoren have the largest selection of mouthpieces that you can choose from, meaning that you should have no trouble finding a mouthpiece that really suits your playing style, needs and wants.

  • CM310
  • Tip Opening – 147
  • Facing Length – Long


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