Trevor James Altsax Signature Custom 37SC-A169B

The Signature Custom professional saxophones have been made with all the extra refinement expected
on saxophones at this level.
Totally designed and built in the pro-sax workhop in the Lenham factory.
Big sounding saxophone with hand finished crook and tone holes.
Double arms on low C and C# keys.
Gold lacquer

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Launched in 2012 after more 2 years of testing, discussion and research with sax players around the world who told us they wanted “…a pro-horn which had the sound, the colour chart, the ability to push the ‘dots’ and the mechanism which would fall under the fingers so neatly that you would forget it was there”, we slowly developed and grew the Signature Custom range though numerous prototypes and close player involvement.
So in short, our Signature Custom horns are built for the pro player who needs to be completely confident that their horn will perform brilliantly day in/out straight from the case.  Horns that don’t need continual regulation.  Horns that are consistent and reliable!
Each Signature Custom alto is built and finished at our TJ sax workshops in Lenham, (U.K.) and comes with a ‘Certificate of Manufacture’ with the date and the name of the specialist sax technician who built it.


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