Bas klarinet & Tenor sax bladetui Træ

A noble case, directly from the manufacturer, especially for all woodwinds, which appreciate natural materials.

The drying and the snug hold of the 6 saxophone reeds are guaranteed by the specially hardened acrylic glass plates and the rubber. The reed carriers are separated and numbered. The surface is coated with nature wax, clear varnish and black or mahogany colored decor varnish. The interior is lined with velvet and the case features a spring mechanism, which keeps the case closed.

– bass clarinet/tenor saxophone reed case for 6 reeds

– full wood ash / elm

– black velvet lining

– case with 2 specially hardened acrylic glass plates, 3 reeds for each plate

– separated numbered carriers

– surface: nature wax (herbal base), clear or decor varnish

– spring mechanism

– ventilation slots for optimal air circulation

96 mm x 69 mmx 14 mm.

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