SELMER-Concept klarinet mundstykke

All while preserving the facility of sound emission,
its larger opening favors a breadth of sound throughout the registers,
allowing a greater sound projection.
The “Concept” mouthpieces are available for Bb and Bass Clarinets



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Completing Selmers recent mouthpiece overhaul the Concept Bb Mouthpiece represents the new wave of design from this classic company.
Featuring a newly designed throat area with a small step before it enters the chamber the Concept shares the same internals as the recently released Focus model but it has a larger tip opneing of 1.10mm. This offers players a slightly broader tone and can allow for the use of slightly softer reeds. The Concept is suitable for a broad range of applications from classical to band and much more.

  • Precision made in Selmer, Paris.
  • Brand new design in harmony with the new Selmer mouthpiece philosophy.
  • Modified throat to chamber desing which features a small step unseen on any other clarinet mouthpieces.
  • Medium close 1.10mm tip opening suits slightly softer reeds than the Focus model.
  • Nice rolling curve suits thinner tip French style reeds like Vandoren Traditional.


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