Rumberger WP-1X -pick up for klarinet & saxofon

With the WP-1X built-in pickup you get “high-tech for the mouthpiece”! The miniature pickup is the result of a consequent development of our very successful pickup for woodwind instruments. Due to the extreme miniaturization, the new pickup can now be integrated into the mouthpiece – no drilling of the instrument body is required.

– natural sound
– highest quality workmanship
– uniform sound pickup in all positions
– no detuning of the instrument by installation
– absolute freedom from feedback
– ideal for wireless operation
– complete freedom of movement on stage
– lowest structure-borne sound absorption
– no frequency cancellations possible
– absolutely unobtrusive design
– no drilling of the instrument body required

To fixes this for your instrument – it will cost 375,00 DKK



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With a diameter of just 8 mm including a structure-borne silencer, the WP-1X fits into almost all mouthpieces for woodwind instruments. Especially for very deep instruments such as bass clarinet or baritone saxophone, which are very difficult to pick up with a conventional microphone, our WP-1X is the perfect solution. A big advantage is that in the built-in position in the mouthpiece, frequencies can no longer be erased even with the highest tones. This results in a very balanced sound in all ranges. Absolute uniformity over all tones of the woodwind instrument and a sound pickup without feedback are the best prerequisites for stress-free monitoring. For maximum freedom of movement, the system can be operated with almost all guitar wireless systems. These advantages guarantee the best conditions for uncompromisingly good stage performance.



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