RIGOUTAT RT15501-2-0 – RIEC Obo

In order to replace instruments that are too old or very tired from the Conservatoires, but also to allow young people to acquire their personal instrument, the Rigoutat House has created its own family of oboes for study: the RIEC and the Delphine.
The RIEC – the first two letters of RIGOUTAT and ECOLE – is an instrument for studying the Paris Conservatory system with a third octave key and double left fa.
Equipped with all the trills, its mechanism in silver nickel silver is perfectly adjusted on a body entirely in Mozambique Ebony. To avoid the risk of corrosion, all metal screws are made of stainless steel. With an ample and very flexible sound, this oboe is available in semi-automatic or automatic version, as well as with Japanese and North American model variants.

Main characteristics :
– Tray system
– Ebony body
– Key in silver nickel silver
– Descending to low B with resonance
– Left double key
– Trill if-do #
– Double E flat (left and right)
– Resonance at the fork
– Correspondence sol # -fa # (snake)
– 1st octave key
– Cadence of D and C #
– 2nd octave key closing the 1st octave (semi-automatic system)
– Spatula 3rd octave
– Gillet key
– Floor # right and left
– All trills
– Other model: automatic octaves.

The RIEC and Delphine are granted by Antoine LAZENNEC.

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