Powell Sonaré PS-501 fløjte C- fod

The Powell Sonaré 501 Model has Sterling silver handcut headjoint, Silverplated body and mechanism. French (open) cups, Y arms, A-422, moderne Powell  scale.
The 501 is with Split-E, Offset G keys, C footjoints, The headjoin is sterling silver with an Aurumite 9K Lip Plate, known as the K style headjoint.
It is the beginning of your obsession with the Powell Sound.
Its hand-cut Sterling Silver Signature II headjoint gives this instrument the renown colours and dynamics associated with a handmade Powell Flute.

  • BODY
    Pitch :
  • Tubing Material :Nickel Silver, Silver Plated
  • Tubing Thickness :.016″
  • Tone hole Type :Drawn only
  • Footjoint :C Foot 
  • Gizmo :Standard
  • Scale :Modern Powell Scale
  • Tube Material :Sterling Silver
  • Lip Plate Material :Sterling Silver Aurumite 9k 
  • Wall Material :Sterling Silver
  • Crown Material :Sterling Silver
  • Type :Traditional Pinned Mechanism with Adjustment Screws
  • Keywork Material :Nickel Silver, Silver Plated
  • G keys : Offset
  • Cups :French Cups Only
  • Arms :Y-Arms
  • Springs :Elgiloy
  •  PADS
  • Type :Traditional Felt


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Powell sonaré PS-501 Powell sonaré PS-501


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