Pomarico Black Sun-open Mundstykke

Taking crystal mouthpieces a step further, Pomarico has created the Black Crystal series.
Made of a special crystal material that maintains the clarity and quick response of standard crystal,
but opaque mirror black in appearance rather than clear.
The Sun facing is very open and capable of tremendous volume of sound.

Each Pomarico mouthpieces is a work of art and is made entirely by hand in Italy

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The Pomarico proves ideal for chamber music and concert band settings. The Crystal Bb clarinet mouthpiece is available in three tip opening sizes, each voiced in either a mellow or bright tone.
Pomarico’s long experience making mouthpieces led them to the use what they believe is the best possible material to produce clarinet mouthpieces…crystal! This material is absolutely the best sound conductor, the most hygienic and will not change its shape over time. Each of Pomarico’s mouthpieces is entirely hand made, in pure Italian crystal from Tuscany.

Being the largest producer of crystal mouthpieces, Pomarico is able to offer very high quality products at a very reasonable price; For this reason Pomarico mouthpieces are played and appreciated world-wide.Pomarico Bb Clarinet Mouthpieces

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