Pearl Piccolo fløjte PFP 105E/OM Forsølvet

The Pearl PFP105E/OM is virtually identical to the PFP105E model, with the addition of Omnipads.
The remarkable new PFP-105 Piccolo is the culmination of years of exploration and research into the creation of a totally new material – Grenaditte. Precise pitch, an exquisite tonal center and a spacious dynamic range are all to be found within this new, innovative instrument. Grenaditte is impervious to temperature fluctuations, ensuring Pearl’s remarkable performance anywhere. In line with the entire Pearl flutes range, the PFP-105 is manufactured with our world renowned Pinless mechanism on its Silver plated keys as standard and is the only piccolo on the market to feature this innovation. If all of these were not sufficient, the Pearl piccolo includes French pointed arms, a bulb design headjoint with a high wave, and a Split-E mechanism. The French style case and fleece lined cover are supplied with cleaning rod, gauze, polishing cloth and cork grease.

Omnipads are unique in that they have a three layer stucture; a plastic backing, a harder foam middle layer, and finally the playing surface foam. This results in a warmer (less bright) sound, which is ideal for a piccolo. The plastic backing also makes the installation much more accurate.

  • Tuning: C
  • Headpiece material: Grenaditte
  • Body material: Grenaditte
  • Keys: Nickel silver, plated
  • Lip plate material: Grenaditte
  • Keywork material: Nickel silver, plated
  • E-Mechanism: yes
  • Bottom1: “High Wave” Head
  • Accessories: Includes case


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PFP 105 E PFP 105 E upclose


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