MANCKE Cocobolo wood Piccolo headjoint

The Medium Wave model embouchure hole has very slightly raised side edges. This cut gently channels the airstream to help with focus, responsiveness and consistency. Clear, focused articulation is enhanced with this cut which offers stability for the player without thinning the sound. Seasoned and professional players will especially appreciate this level of control when frequently switching between flute and piccolo.
Cocobolo wood elicits a luxurious tone with deep resonance and effortless projection. It has a luxurious and refined response that supports shimmering upper-tones, a strong low register and distinct articulation.
This exotic wood is native to Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. Cocobolo has a myriad of different colours, ranging from yellow, orange, red, and shades of brown with streaks of black.

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MANCKE is a leader in designing and building flute and piccolo headjoints in precious metals and woods and their combinations. MANCKE superior headjoints are played worldwide by renowned soloists, orchestral players, professors, and conservatory students.
Through an innovative exploration of materials, MANCKE has developed a wide variety of unique combinations, fusing different metals and woods to create the perfect expressive headjoint for every flute and piccolo player.
MANCKE handmade headjoints are available in many models and combinations of materials, offering the broadest selection available in the industry.

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