jSAX-NUVO- Børne Saxofon

Product Highlights

  • Enables kids to develop sax embouchure
  • Traditional saxophone fingering
  • Training wheels seal tone holes for small fingers
  • Adjustable thumb rest
  • Durable Nuvo plastic reeds for beginners
  • In the key of C and fully chromatic
  • Plays from middle C to G in the next octave


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NUVO jSax2.0 case

The Nuvo student flute has been highly acclaimed by teachers and professional musicians around the world. As well as being a perfect instrument for a young starter, it also makes an exciting alternative flute for a hobbyist or accomplished flute player.
Give it a try! You will be surprised and thrilled by the loud and responsive tone. The Nuvo weighs around half the weight of a traditional flute and is extremely durable and easy to maintain.
Truly a flute for all occasions… tramping in the hills, gigging at the local pub, down at the beach or even in the pool! Nuvo is equally at home at the concert hall or in a marching band.

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