Ishimori Klarinet ligatur

Wood Stone Original Handmade Ligature

The Ligature’s “state of the art” design allows it to resonate with the reed greater than any other ligature in history.

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  • Ishimori Gold Plated Copper is very flexible, warm and colorful. It is the best value for the money in that it does everything really well. If you are coming from a leather or cloth type of ligature, Gold will provide a familiar experience, but you’ll welcome Gold’s added ring, depth and security.

  • Ishimori Brushed Satin Gold Plated Copper biases toward a super crisp response and centered sound. It is flexible in its playing experience, it rings beautifully, and it works great on all sorts of reed strengths, but its response is what makes this one shine.

  • Ishimori Solid Silver is the most solid in feel and sound. It is powerful and creates a superior hold on the playing experience, and it works great on lighter reeds.

  • Ishimori Solid Silver plated with Pink Gold is both solid in feel like Silver but flexible like the Gold Plated Copper. This ligature very compellingly blends the playing experiences of the other three into one.

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Copper, Copper-gold plated, Gold plate, Satin gold, Solid silver, Solid silver gold plate


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