HD Ear Peace

High fidelity hearing protection

Designed with DJs, musicians and diehard fans in mind, EarPeace HD is our most versatile and robust universal fit earplug. Alongside being some of the most comfortable and discreet music ear plugs around, EarPeace HD feature reinforced pull tabs, two sets of filters and improved sound clarity in loud environments.

EarPeace HD comes with three high fidelity earplugs, two sets of attenuation filters and a premium anodized aluminum case.

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  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE HIGH FIDELITY EAR PLUGS: Hearing protection ear plugs that deliver crisp, clear sound at a safe volume. Medium, High and Max filters provide in-ear protection for noise reduction making them festival essentials, musicians, construction sites, sporting events, drummers, guitarists, fitness classes and anywhere that noise reducing earplugs are needed.
  • REUSABLE, HYPOALLERGENIC, ALL NIGHT COMFORT: Our premium silicone ear plugs have a dual flange design that gently seals the ear with no hard edges. The soft, hypoallergenic reusable ear plugs for concerts keep you comfortable whether you’re making music or dancing to it.
  • INVISIBLE EAR PLUGS: These musician ear plugs provide in ear hearing protection that seems to disappear in your ear, just like custom molded ear plugs. The professional ear plugs are small and low profile, making them discreet noise reducers. The small tab makes your concert earplugs easy to remove.
  • PREMIUM VALUE & PORTABLE: The high quality noise cancelling earplugs come with a milled aluminum case that contains two chambers and a keychain clip so you can easily transport your musician grade earplugs while keeping them safe and clean. Precision engineered, you also get 3 filter sets that deliver 17-26dB noise reduction for all your music event and sound reduction needs.
  • INDUSTRY LEADING: Metallica, RedBull and Lollapallooza carry EarPeace as their concert ear protection as they know we make the best ear plugs for concerts and are the most trusted musicians ear plugs. Our sound reducing ear plugs are serious music equipment for every drummer, guitar case and DJ kit.


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