ESTRO SILVERSTEIN-klarinet ligatur Medium

Size Medium (size 7) for Vandoren mouthpieces: 5RV, M30, M13, BD5 & Pomarico Crystal
Synergetic Resonance with Mouthpiece by 2 Harmonic Enhancers
Enrich Fundamentals and Increase Harmonics
Stronger Projection
Fine-Tune Sound Color and Focus
Fast and Precise Response
Cryogenically made
White Gold Finish
Shiny Mirror Finish
18K Gold
Beautiful Crystal Decoration (Top & Sides)
Hand-finished by Artisans
Minimized Stress on a Reed
Compensate Reed Thickness
Less Reed Warpage
2 Year Warranty

  • The sole purpose of the black rubber pads that included in the package are to prevent potential minor scratches on the mouthpiece. While these pads provide protection, they also absorb sound energy which can reduce maximum performance of the ligature. If the minor scratch does not concern you, we recommend not to use these black rubber pads. 

Ligature comes with:

  • OmniCap
  • User manual with warranty registration card



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