Buffet Prodige BC4161P-2-0

The new Prodige student oboe presents very significant technical, aesthetic and acoustic improvements that will allow beginners and experienced amateurs to progress quickly.
The control of sound emission and the permanent control of the air flow, so important for the first years of study, are greatly facilitated. Oboists will finally be seduced by the perfect acoustic homogeneity of this oboe.
The Prodige oboe allows for smooth transitions from one octave to another.
It helps students mastering sound output and controlling the air ow, which is so important in the first years of study.

Oboists will be highly satised by the acoustic homogeneity of this oboe, which sound comes very close to that of a professional instrument.

Manufactured in the Buffet Crampon workshops in Germany, the Prodige, benefiting from a very reasonable price, is quite simply the ideal study instrument.

Pads in cork and double skin, bell with Bb resonance key


  • Thumbplate system
  • 2 octave keys, semi-automatic
  • left hand F lever
  • C# trill
  • double D trill
  • low B/C# trill
  • double G# and Eb

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