Buffet E13 Bb klarinet

The E13 clarinets were developed for most students who are preparing for a career as a professional musician and whose technical level has exceeded the quality of their first instrument.
Made entirely in grenadilla wood, these clarinets give these musicians their first sensations as a soloist.

  • Buffet intermediate Bb clarinet
  • Model E13
  • Grenadilla
  • Silver-plated keys
  • Eb lever optional
  • Mouthpiece, ligature, and cap
  • Reed
  • Gigback
  • Cleaning accessories




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Buffet Crampon is committed to helping clarinetists grow by providing them with the utmost in quality and know-how. Our clarinets are not just instruments, they’re tools for the future.

Buffet Crampon has contributed in a material way to the creation of the modern clarinet and the founding of high-quality interpretation.
It has also played a preponderant role in developing teaching methods, accompanying an illustrious line of teachers that have graduated from the best music conservatories in the world.

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Back pack, Leather, With out case

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