Buffet Bas Klarinet Prestige 1193-2-0

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The Prestige BC1193 bass clarinet is a perfect representative of Buffet Crampon’s savoir-faire at its highest level. It has an Eb/Ab lever and a low G resonance key, and is equipped with a double D spatula and a triple D spatula.
This clarinet, which has evolved and been perfected over many years of research and testing, possess the signature tone of Buffet Crampon instruments and has a warm, full timbre. The neck is in two parts for greater comfort without stress or stiffness.

  • Key :Bb
  • Pitch :440/442 Hz
  • Body :Dalbergia Melanoxylon, Natural African blackwood
  • Neck :Two-pieces adjustable
  • Bell :Silver plated Copper Bell
  • Tenons :Metal-capped
  • Features :Bell section resonance vent, Eb/Ab lever, range down to C, the low D keys, double register mechanism
  • Thumb rest :Adjustable
  • Keywork finish :Silver plated
  • Springs :Blue steel springs for ease and accuracy of key movement
  • Pads :Leather and cork
  • Options :
  • BC1193-2 :Natural African blackwood body
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Prestige BC1193-2-0


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