Bonade Inverse Bb klarinet komplet ligatur

In metal with two screws
Inverted ligature
Two small metal plates on the reed holder
For: Bb clarinet, also produced for Eb, Alto and Bass clarinet
Soprano, Alto, Tenor saxophone

Rich and homogeneous sonority

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The innovative pressure ribs minimize reed/ligature contact, enhancing tone, dynamic range and carrying power. Muncy Winds offers these ligatures in Standard (screws on the reed side), Inverted (screws on top of mouthpiece) or Inverted Cut Away (center is cut out)and in 3 different finishes, Nickel, or Silver plated. The Inverted Cut Away allows the reed to vibrate even more freely as it only contacts the reed from 4 smaller pressure points not the entire rib. The Silver Plating helps to prevent the ligature from slipping upwards off the mouthpiece.

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