Aidoni for B klarinet Original-bore

Original bore for Bb clarinet has a wide inner dimension in the upper part. This gives resonance and a free, open feeling when playing.

A body of grenadilla wood
An internal plastic tube. The bore is factory-milled to the highest possible precision.
The bore is of a reverse tapered type.
A thin brass ring is fixed around the lower end of the plastic tube to keep the sound more focused and to add stability.

Because of the plactic tube the intonation is more reliable and consistent over all registers than with a wooden barrel.
The bore reaches a warm temperature more quickly than a wooden barrel – useful when quick changes between clarinets are required.
The material is not affected by moisture or temperature changes – the dimensions of the bore remain constant.
The sensation is exactly that of playing on a wooden barrel.

All parts are made in Sweden.



The Aidoni grenadilla barrel is the result of a long and meticulous process of experimentation. It has been co-created by Martin Fröst over a four-year period. Since 2016, Martin uses Aidoni grenadilla barrels on all his clarinets.

The barrel has an inner plastic tube with a reverse taper, and the tube is partially covered with a thin brass pipe. The result is a perfectly balanced barrel with exquisite intonation, and a resonant and focused sound. The use of a plastic inner tube allows a precisely measured bore, keeping its dimensions constant. The Aidoni barrel reaches the right temperature and pitch faster than a traditional wood barrel. The Grenadilla wood produces a warm and solid sound, and the clear projection makes it suitable both for orchestra players and for soloists.
Three different bores are currently available – Original boreMedium bore and US bore. Please contact us to select the best possible Aidoni bore for your instruments

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