Musicshop A. Andersen was founded in 1886 by instrumentmaker Anton Andersen in Railway Street.

Later that year moved the business to miners 9, where over the next hundred years were an essential part of musical life in Odense. In 1932 took over Anton Andersen’s son Antonius Andersen business. He had been trained in business and in the repair of instruments in the music workshop, which was in the store’s basement. In 1938 began Antonius Andersen wife Johanne Andrea Palma Andersen to stand for the expedition in the store so he could concentrate on the repair of instruments. And together drive the business forward to Antonius Andersen’s death in 1964.

With over 20 years experience of running the music business and a desire to see her husband and sister-in-law’s life’s work consist chose Mrs. Andersen to lead the business and the traditions on alone. Until 1989, Mrs. Andersen synonymous with music business A. Andersen. In 1989 Mrs. Andersen eyes to a few young instrument makers Richard Salsbury and Hans Zachariassen that short time before had ended their instrument maker education in England and started their own music workshop up Store Glasvej in Odense and that was the beginning of a new era for business .

To ensure a good transition and a continuation of the business traditions enjoyed business Mrs. Andersen’s attention and counseling until her death in 1995. Instrumentmaker A.Andersen has subsequently been at different addresses. In 2007, A. Andersen part of the music business Aage, under the name of Aage Classic. In 2009, A. Andersen again an independent company with offices in Hans Jensen Strait, the center of Odense. A.Andersen was subsequently taken over to Hans Zachariassen and is now a special store with woodwinds.


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