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Business terms for
Instrumentmager A. Andersen ApS
Vinkelgade 11
DK-5450 Otterup
Telefon: +45 66 13 33 22
CVR. NR.: DK30551036

Prices and payment
All prices on Instrumentmager A. Andersen shop is in Danish kroner (DKK) including VAT. Instrumentmager A. Andersen reserves the right to change the prices listed without notice. On Instrumentmager A. Andersen online shop you can pay with Dankort, VISA, Mastercard, JCB and American Express. There is no fee for payments on the Instrumentmager A. Andersen’s online store. The amount raised first on your card when the goods are shipped from the Instrumentmager A. Andersen. There can never be deducted an amount greater than what you have approved the acquisition.

At Instrumentmager A. Andersen, we strive always to provide the best service to our customers. All orders are shipped within 3-4 working days from order placement. Orders carried out on a Friday after at. 11:00 am, will be shipped the following business day. If the delivery time is calculated to be longer, we will notify you of course as soon as possible about this by e-mail. You then have the right to cancel your order. We deliver to Denmark. We always deliver freight free on orders over 500 DKK, while the delivery of orders below 500 DKK costing DKK 40-60 depending on the type of delivery.

At Instrumentmager A. Andersen’s online store, you always have full return. You have 14 days to cancel when shopping with us. The withdrawal period will expire 14 days after the day you received your item or get the last good physical possession when it comes to multiple goods ordered in one order and delivered separately. You must within 14 days of receipt notify us that you want to cancel your purchase. The notice must be in writing by e-mail at In your message, make us clearly aware that you want to use your right of withdrawal. You can not cancel a purchase by simply reject the goods. Denied receipt of the goods deducted a fee of DKK 50 from the return amount. If you send a product in for cancellation, you will always receive an email when we receive the product. In the mail you get information about the further process in the processing of your return package. You must send your order back to us without undue delay and within 14 days after you have notified us that you wish to cancel your purchase. You must bear the direct cost of returning the goods. In return, you are responsible for that goods are packed safely into. You bear the risk from the time of delivery of the goods.

Goods, when you send it back
You shall only be liable for any diminished value of the goods resulting from the handling other than what is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and the way it works. In other words – you can try the product in the same way as if you tried it in our physical store. If the product is proven beyond what is outlined above, we consider it as used, which means that you know the chagrin of purchase only get part or none of the purchase amount back, depending on the product’s commercial value. In order to receive the entire purchase amount return you must therefore do the same as you can in a physical store. You can test the product, but do not take the proper use.

Repayment of the purchase amount
If you regret your purchase, you get of course the amount you have paid to us back. In the event of an impairment, as you are liable to be deducted from the purchase amount. If you use your right of withdrawal, we will refund all payments received from you, including delivery costs associated with the purchase. We do not cover your costs of returning goods. The product must be sent without undue delay and in any event within 14 days from the date we receive notice of your decision to cancel your purchase. We will carry out such reimbursement using the same means of payment as you used for the initial transaction, unless you have expressly given us otherwise. We may withhold reimbursement until we have received the product, unless you have since been supplied evidence of having sent back the. If you regret your purchase, the item must be sent to:

Instrumentmager A. Andersen ApS
Vinkelgade 11
DK-5450 Otterup

You can also cancel by giving clear message and deliver it in person at the above address. What should I send back You must always enclose a copy of your invoice, so we can see that the product is purchased from instrument-maker A. Andersen ApS. Note that we do not receive packages sent by cash on delivery. Goods returned to the instrument-maker A. Andersen ApS must be securely wrapped. We recommend that items are returned with Post Denmark and that it be sent by parcel post. This package can be tracked, and it excludes doubt about whether a package is returned and the package can then be called for.

Personal Information
No personal information recorded on is never transferred, sold or made available to third parties. All information is stored safely. Instrumentmager A. Andersen uses QuickPay payment gateway, but the account information you enter when purchasing goods will be sent directly to NETS encrypted (SSL) and therefore it is only you and NETS can read with. There is no one else sees or stores information about you. For purchases with a credit card debited from your account when the goods are sent from the Instrumentmager A. Andersen.

Sale of Goods Act shortage rules may apply to purchases. Instrumentmager A. Andersen ApS provides 2 years warranty under the Sale of Goods Act – comprehensive manufacturing and material defects discovered in its normal use. The warranty does not cover defects or damages directly or indirectly caused by misuse, poor maintenance, violence or unauthorized intervention. Complaints about defects which should be detected by normal examination of the goods must be notified Instrumentmager A. Andersen within a reasonable time after you have discovered the defect in the product. If you advertise within two months after the defect is discovered, the complaint will always be timely. The product can be returned for repair, replacement or by appointment if necessary. credit. In connection with any claim assumes Instrumentmager A. Andersen at the shipping costs reasonable. Contact us so we can arrange the collection of the claim. The package can be returned by parcel post via Post Denmark. Remember to get a receipt for shipment, so that we can reimburse your shipping costs. Remember that the product must always be returned in protective packaging. The product must be sent together with a precise indication of where and what the error is, and with valid proof of purchase. Always remember to return the goods in protective packaging.

Instrumentmager A. Andersen ApS
Vinkelgade 11
DK-5450 Otterup

If you have questions you can always contact us by telephone +45 66 13 33 22 or Have you sent an item into the complaint, you will always receive an email when we receive the product. In the mail you get information about the further process in the handling of your claim. Note that we do not receive packages sent by cash on delivery or the like.

In case of agreed discounts, returned goods or prepaid products as canceled before shipment, there must be a full or partial refund of the purchase price. Repayment is usually always by bank transfer and Instrumentmager A. Andersen ApS need your account information. This information is not sensitive and can easily be informed by e-mail.

If you wish to complain about your purchase, please contact us at or telephone +45 66 13 33 22. If we fail to find a solution, you can file a complaint with relevante boards in the area if the conditions are met. Comments should be directed to:

Carl Jacobsensvej 35
2500 Valby
Tlf. +45 41 71 50 00